Ceiling winch – 5000 lbs


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WindLift 5000 lb ceiling winch

5000 lb capacity

Easy to install - only weighs 21 lbs

Completely sealed, maintenance free

2500 lb working load (1250 lbs pulling in opposite directions)

90:1 ratio

2" diameter divided reel

Holds approximately 64' of 3/16" cable

Reel is pre-drilled and tapped to accept strap kit

Oven -cured epoxy coating lasts longer than conventional zinc, chrome or enamel finish

Shafts are gears are heat-treated, high-carbon steel to provide longer life

Recommended 2:1 double-back for loads exceeding 2500 lbs

*Please note that this winch is designed to pull in two directions.  Pulling in one direction voids the warranty.

**Gears must be greased before each cycle.  When using drill cranks to raise and lower winches, drills should only be operated at low speed.  High-speed operation will damage gears and void any warranty.


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