At Precision Farm Supplies, we offer full house equipment for broilers.

feed & watering

  • Feed bins – we stock 6′, 7′ & 9′ bins in our warehouse. Our Val-co bins come with a bottom drip-edge so that water doesn’t run along the hopper and prevents premature rusting. We also inventory and install fill augers of various sizes.

  • Feed pans are available with a variety of depths and grills, and with a 14” diameter, our Val-co pans fit the most birds per pan. They’ve been proven in feed trials to give you the best feed conversion. Check out our Chick Feeders as well. The downspout spills feed onto chick paper for placing chicks and neatly fold away when you’re done using them. We also carry the Butterfly Feeder. A quick crank of the winch grows the pan with your birds and will open trays simultaneously for easy clean out. At the beginning of 2020 we hosted an open house showcasing our first barn of Landmeco pans, an innovative Danish product designed to go from flood to feed to dump/clean with a simple twist of the pipe.  Since then, we’ve outfitted many barns to have the same user-friendly system that yields amazing results.

  • Water Lines come from Val-co, the company that revolutionized watering systems across the globe with their drinker nipple.

ventilation & controls


(with slide show of pictures for these items running in a loop beside this write-up)

  • Exhaust fans manufactured by inBarn Solutions come in many different sizes and have a 5 year warranty on their blades.

  • Monsoon Fans by inBarn Solutions have built-in power insulated shutters.

  • Jet fans manufactured by inBarn Solutions are a high-powered, targeted area circulating fan.

  • Hemisphere mixing fans by Val-co quietly blend air and evenly distribute it through the house.


(with slide show of pictures for these items running in a loop beside this write-up)

  • Forced Air Heaters (or space heaters) are available in the 250,000 btu Hot Surface Ignition model from LB White.

  • Brooders from LB White are low profile at only 14” tall and come with 40,000 btu output.

  • Modulating Tube Heaters made by Roberts Gordon control the burn and blower rate for maximum efficiency.


  • Ceiling Inlets are bi-flow and gently blend the warm attic air and distribute it throughout the house to save the cost of operating heaters and fans.

  • Framed Inlets come in a variety of sizes, including one that fits between your wall studs to simplify construction. Doors seal tightly with industrial weather-stripping.

  • Tunnel Inlets come in a variety of sizes to customize to your build. We often double stack our inlets to minimize the space required inside the barn in front of the inlets, leaving room to walk during daily chores and to install other equipment.

  • Cool Pads are the latest in evaporative cooling technology. The unique combination of pad & trough allows for years of trouble free use.

  • Controls are available from several manufacturers.  We carry Genius by Monitrol (made in Canada!) and the Auto-Flex and Supra control lines from Phason Controls (also made in Canada!)

Misc. Products

We stock a variety of consumable products in both our Abbotsford and Armstrong locations.  Give us a call or stop by one of our locations today to find:

  • LED light bulbs
  • Light dimmers
  • Bird & Bin scales
  • Chick Paper
  • Coveralls & Boots
  • Disinfectants
  • Foam Kits
  • Cleaners
  • Replacement motors


Egg Production