MegaDes Oxy


MS Schippers MegaDes Oxy, 20KG

Fast-acting disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and very powerful effluents.  Developed for use in pigs, cattle and poultry farming.

Acts against micro-organisms

Powerful action at low temperature (4 degrees C)

Chlorine-free, foaming and slightly acidic disinfectant

Light mineral deposits are removed, leaving a nice shiny surface

Can be used in a slightly humid environmental, allowing to obtain guaranteed results also under time constraints

The unique micro-foam makes the application economical, clearly visible, provides contact time and powerful deep cleaning

Dosages from 0.5% can be achieved with reliable dosing systems, such as the MS Greenline

The best disinfection results are obtained after thoroughly cleaning with MS TopFoam Power



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